Trail riding


Discovery Valsesia plans trail rides in the mountains of one or two days with equestrian guides suitable for who has never ridden.


Daily rides
Daily trips with a horse for each person that develop along ring routes starting from the bottom of the valley to the top along ridges and slopes to then going down and return to the departure point. The routes run mainly through dirt roads and they are easy and safe. During the ride it is possible to have lunch in a refuge or with a pic-nic.


Two days rides
Along the two days rides the horses are helpful both some moments of riding both for the transport of the stuff and of the food needed to stay one night in a bivouac or in the tent. Thanks to the help of the horse it’s possible to walk longer routes without the effort to carry heavy backpacks allowing in this way to reach the wildest and most uncontaminated places. The meals are partly packed and partly prepared with the field kitchen.